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mardi 14 décembre 2010


 Motives for inlay
Rosette in 5 petals
By finding the beige thread clear I have the idea to make a place
 mat for noel's table a small decoration(set) for noel

It snows my cat likes playing in the snow it is cute

3 commentaires :

  1. Very nice rosettes. From what I can see on the edge of this pic and previous pics: you have a lovey patternbook!

  2. Your rosette is dainty and quite pretty. How many roseetes will be needed to make a placemat?

  3. Thank you I am going to make photos of my book of frivolity
    And otherwise the number of bow is going to vary according to the size(cutting) of the place mat
    I am going to try and still thank you for your comments