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mercredi 15 décembre 2010

Tatting DMC

The book DMC I bought him it 20 years ago
I think that he still exists but to order
DMC is a company(society) which disappeared in France

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  1. Hi, Corinne,
    Guess what?! When I saw the picture of your book I thought: that's familiar. It appears I have it in the German language, bought it recently! It is the very same book only in a different language! Isn't that funny?

  2. Ah all right the book is still available!
    Otherwise the tatting are easy has to copy
    When we pay attention we have not need of the words in copy the drawing
    Then hello and thank you
    Your fir tree is great beautiful

  3. I don't think I have that book, but I do enjoy the DMC books that I have!

  4. I have this book too. DMC is still going strong since their thread is very popular. They've probably just moved their headquarters. In the States, we had trouble buying certain threads because they were overseas.

  5. Ah! All right he(it) makes more in France DMC
    Gina say I on what site we find him(it) thank you?

  6. I do like those lovely, little clunies that are lurking beside the book!
    Fox : )

  7. This is the English site.

    You can put in your country, state and city and it will tell you where the stores are.

  9. I have that book too, and love it. I buy some DMC Cordonnet Special thread for dyeing, and it is wonderful thread.
    Very pretty tatting work you have next to the book, with the shell beads.